Workshop Presentations and Candidate Experiences

Short presentations are often given at the pre interview workshops from interviewers and past candidates. If a powerpoint presentation is used, then it will be uploaded here, with the presenter's permission.

Powerpoint presentations are often not used at the workshops to highlight that no AV or powerpoint presentation facilities are available to candidates at their professional interview.  Other visual aids can be used instead!  Often hard copies of slides are used.  It's an opportunity to get creative and think of alternative ways to help illustrate your message!  Non reliance on IT can save a lot of hassle at an interview. 

Presentations from the Autumn 2016 workshops will be added after workshops.  Please come back.  


Andy Barker or Claire Nicoll (CIWM Staff) Presentation  

Manchester Workshop 21st September 

Adnan Zeb-Khan Presentation

Birmingham Workshop 22nd September 

Paul Thornber Presentation

Jason Wallader Presentation

Harrogate Workshop 27th September

Sarah Atkinson Presentation