ISWA - The International Solid Waste Association

ISWA is an international, independent and non-profit making association, working in the public interest to promote and develop sustainable waste management worldwide. ISWA  has members around the world and is the only worldwide association promoting sustainable and professional waste management.

The Association is open to individuals and organisations from the scientific community, public institutions and public and private companies from all over the world working in the field of and interested in waste management.

ISWA has ten working groups and a European Group, the table below lists these groups and CIWM's nominated representative. For detailed information about each group please visit the ISWA web site .

Communication & Social Issues Ian Williams
Healthcare Wastes Anne Woolridge (Chair)
Governance and Legal Issues Martin Brocklehurst
Recycling & Minimisation Jeff Cooper
Landfill Jane Olley
Collection & Transport Technology Ian Dudding
Biological Treatment Jane Gilbert (Chair)
Hazardous Waste Lucy HIll
Energy Recovery Judith Harper
Climate Change and Waste Management Costas Velis

National Member

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management is the National Member of ISWA for the UK and as such his required to form a National Committee of ISWA members in the UK. The membership of the National Committee comprises CIWM Representatives on the various ISWA Working Groups (see above) along with other members representing a cross section of expertise in the ISWA/CIWM Membership in the UK.

UK National Committee Members 

Jeff Cooper (Chairman) - Independent Consultant
Adam Read - SUEZ
Anne Woolridge - ISSL
Costas Velis -University of Leeds
Derek Greedy - Independent Consultant
Ian Dudding -Dover Council
Ian Williams - University of Southampton
Jane Gilbert - Independent Consultant
Jane Olley - WSUP Advisory CIC
Jenny Doyle - Enovert
Judith Harper - Independent Consultant
Lucy Hill - AECOM
Martin Brocklehurst - Independent Consultant
Toni Gladding - Open University
Tina Benfield - Technical Manager CIWM

International Waste Manager - IWM

In 2005 ISWA launched its programme on professional qualifications. The programme is designed to provide an internationally recognised certification for individual professional waste managers based on their academic achievements and their practical work experience. The certification is awarded at - Technical, Intermediate, Advanced and International  level - depending on how applicants meet the ISWA criteria.

The process is very similar to the stages involved in making an application for a new job. To emphasise this similarity, the stages involved can be summarised as follows:

Completion of an application form describing your academic education and practical work experience to ensure you meet ISWA's basic requirements.

Preparation of a detailed personal report on your academic education, training and practical work experience in which you explain your professional approach to waste management.

Participation in an interview either face to face or electronically.

A commitment by you to follow ISWA's Code of Ethics and to undertake a life-long programme of Continuous Professional Development.