Individual Membership

Becoming a member of CIWM offers many opportunities.  We offer a range of membership options for individuals so you should find one to suit whatever stage you are at in your professional career.

Membership options

Click on the titles to find out more details about each membership option, the benefits and how to apply:

Affiliate Member

Interested in waste management. No experience or qualifications required.

Chartered Member - MCIWM

Degree Level qualification and 4 years experience.

Graduate Member - GradMCIWM

Degree level qualification, just starting your career.

Licentiate Member - LCIWM

Degree + Post Grad qualification and one years experience.

Associate Member - AssocMCIWM

Level 4 qualification (eg HNC,COTC,NVQ) and 2 years experience.

Technician Member - TechMCIWM

Level 3 qualification (BTEC,COTC,NVQ) and one years experience.

Student Member

Studying waste related course. FREE for duration of course.

Fellow - FCIWM

You must be a Chartered member of CIWM for at least 7 years.

CONTACT THE MEMBERSHIP TEAM: T: +44 (0)1604 620426   E: