Which membership?

The option you choose depends on what you want from your membership. Below is an overview of the options available:

Membership options

Individual Professional membership

This option is about professional credibility…

As the professional body for waste and resource management professionals, we have a number of different membership options which provide professional recognition for individuals. Each professional membership option provides designatory letters for individuals creating an instant association with CIWM on literature such as business cards and business proposals. Individual Professional membership is awarded based your experience and qualifications. 

The Individual Professional membership options available are:

Individual Affiliate membership

This option is about keeping up to date with industry information and knowledge…

This is a Fast Track Route for individuals to access many CIWM membership benefits. It is open to anyone who has an interest in the waste and resources management industry. It is a quick and easy way to join CIWM. Many Affiliate members transfer to an Individual Professional Membership grade at a time to suit them later on.

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