Testimonial: Chartered membership with CIWM

Chartered member
Gill Mulroe
Major account manager 

Why did you join CIWM?

I joined CIWM in 1997 initially as a Graduate member, to be a part of a recognised institution that represents a range of professionals who operate within the wastes and resources sector, not just in the UK but internationally.

What do you see as the biggest benefits of your CIWM membership? 

Meeting other Chartered members and a feeling of inclusion. I feel this has given me a new confidence to go on and become involved in some amazing projects, including becoming a Centre Councillor. 

Does CIWM represent you in the industry? 

CIWM has recently been through a period of change to ensure that it stays relevant, but also to make sure that it represents today’s members, which I feel it does. It has evolved into a modern, fresh, diverse professional body and I would recommend anyone to join, especially the next generation of members who represent our future.

Are there any CIWM activities that stand out as being especially helpful to you?

I try to attend as many centre events as my diary allows. It is important to keep working on my CPD and building my professional knowledge. The waste and resource sector changes so quickly and these events are a good place to keep up with the latest disposal routes, regulation changes and recycling methods. 

Which of the member benefits do you personally value?

Since becoming Chartered, I have gone on to join the North East Centre Council as an elected Centre Councillor. My role is very much focused on member engagement, providing mentorship for members who are looking to become Chartered, and improving ways to communicate with our members in the North East through our various social media channels and networking groups. I also contribute to the positioning of our Centre as a source of technical expertise and a place for our members to come when they need technical information. 

Diversity and inclusion in this sector is important to me, and being on the Centre Council provides me with a platform to make a difference and drive change. For example, I have recently been interviewed for publications and represented CIWM as a guest speaker on an equality panel at RWM 2019. 


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