Testimonial: Chartered membership with CIWM

Chartered member
Andy Peters
project manager

Why did you join CIWM?

I believed it was important for my career development to be a member of a professional body. CIWM is the leading professional body in the resource and waste management industry so it was a natural choice for me. 

Why does your membership grade work for you?

I initially joined CIWM as a Graduate member so the progression to a Chartered member was the next step once I had the four years’ experience in the industry.

Being a Chartered member, I believe it demonstrates my commitment and achievement within the industry. This recognition is important to provide reassurance to the clients and potential customers I interact with in my job role.

My next goal, which I will be working towards in the coming years, is to become a CIWM Fellow. 

How has CIWM membership helped your professional development?

My CIWM membership has been invaluable in my professional development. When I started out as a graduate trainee, I attended the CIWM Introduction to the Management of Wastes and Resources training course, which was an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the industry.

Since then, I have undertaken further training courses and attended seminars and networking events with other CIWM members.

One of the most important ways my CIWM membership has helped and continues to help me in my role is access to the CIWM Member Newsletter, CIWM Journal and MVO magazine. They are a great source of information covering a wide range of topics across the sector. Their content has allowed me to develop a well-rounded knowledge of the industry and provides ideas and inspiration on areas where added value and innovation can be incorporated into our client’s projects.   

For you, what is the greatest benefit of CIWM membership?

The biggest benefit of my Chartered membership is the professional recognition it gives me; showing that I’m serious about my career and professional development. 

This recognition is important in providing reassurance regarding my knowledge, skills and capabilities to the clients and potential customers I interact with in my job role. 

How does CIWM represent you in the industry?

CIWM is an important conduit of information and plays a key role in representing its members on the wider stage. This couldn’t be more pertinent than with the ongoing Brexit process. As a CIWM member, I am confident and reassured that CIWM will represent my interests and the wider interests of the industry throughout the process.

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