Chartered Environmentalists are drawn from no one profession. They work across industry, government, education and the public sector.  What they share is a commitment to environmental best practice and a high degree of expertise in their field.

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Why are CEnvs Important?
Increasing recognition of the environmental challenges we face means that the role of the Chartered Environmentalist is more important than ever.
Registration sets Chartered Environmentalists apart from others working in their field. It establishes proven knowledge, experience and commitment to professional standards, and enhances employability.    

International Recognition
The Chartered Environmentalist status establishes professional environmentalists on a par with other professionals such as Chartered Engineers and Chartered Scientists. Already, 10% of Chartered Environmentalists are registered outside the UK - we expect that as global membership increases CEnv will become the international benchmark.

How can I Register as Chartered Environmentalist through CIWM?
You must first be a full professional member of CIWM - in either the class of Member or Fellow. 

In addition you are required:

  • To write a report demonstrating your competence, knowledge and engagement in good environmental practice within your own professional area including the promotion of a sustainable environment. This will probably be of about 4000 words in length;
  • Attend a Professional Review Interview;
  • Demonstrate at least 4 years of professional development and a commitment to ongoing CPD.
Please download the CEnv Registration document, which can be found on the right of this page.  It contains details of the competencies to be demonstrated in your report and an application form to apply for a CEnv professional interview. Any questions can be directed to the Membership Team.   

Currently there are twenty three leading Professional Institutions and Learned Societies with a wide range of environmental interests who are member bodies of the Society for the Environment. Between them they represent the primary environmental disciplines. 

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management played a major role in establishing this society which was granted a Royal Charter in May 2004.

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Society for the Environment

Annual Fee = £42.00
Initial Registration Fee = £42
Handling Fee = £10.00

Registration Document

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