Consultation Responses 2021

CIWM Scotland response on National Planning Framework for Scotland

CIWM response BEIS GGSS digestate management Jan 2021

CIWM Scotland response Cleaner Air for Scotland

CIWM Scotland response nitrogen balance

Green Jobs Call for Evidence CIWM Response Executive Summary

Green Jobs call for evidence CIWM Response (Full version)

CIWM NI response A Clean Air Strategy for Northern Ireland

CIWM NI response to Climate Change Bill for Northern Ireland

CIWM response BSI Flex 5555 community face coverings - specification v1.0

CIWM response metal shredders: appropriate measures for permitted facilities

CIWM Scotland response introducing market restrictions for single-use plastics

CIWM response National Planning Framework MHCLG

CIWM response Sustainable Use of Pesticides: Draft National Action Plan

CIWM NI response Environmental Plans, Principles and Governance for Northern Ireland - public discussion document

CIWM response Future arrangements for the disposal of maritime pyrotechnics

CIWM Scotland response Draft Public Engagement Strategy for Climate Change  

CIWM Cymru Wales response White Paper on a Clean Air (Wales) Bill

CIWM Scotland response River basin management plans - silage, slurry and anaerobic digestate – improving storage and application

CIWM Scotland response Draft Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products and Oxo-degradable Plastic Products) (Scotland) Regulations 2021: discussion paper

CIWM response Best Available Techniques’– A future regime within the UK

CIWM Cymru Wales response Litter and fly-tipping prevention plan for Wales

CIWM Ireland response DRS Consultation on a Legislative Framework Response

CIWM response Standard Rules 23: proposals for healthcare waste permits

CIWM response Persistent Organic Pollutants: draft Stockholm Convention UK implementation plan 2021

CIWM Ireland response Construction and Demolition waste guidelines

CIWM and IOM3 joint response Environmental Principles Draft Policy Statement  

CIWM response Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

CIWM response Introducing a DRS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

CIWM response Waste Prevention Plan for England

CIWM Northern Ireland response Consultation on policy options for the new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland

CIWM response Consistency in Household and Business Recycling in England

CIWM Scotland response Hidden economy conditionality - Northern Ireland and Scotland    

CIWM Northern Ireland response Consultation on proposed changes to the carrier bag levy

CIWM response Attendance requirements for technically competent managers consultation

CWIM response Heavy goods vehicles: ending the sale of new non-zero emission models

CIWM response EFRA Call for Evidence on Plastic Waste 2021

CIWM Ireland response Consultation on the second SDG National Implementation Plan

CIWM Cymru Wales response Priorities for Climate Change Environment and Infrastructure Committee

CIWM Ireland response National Hazardous waste management plan 2021-2027

CIWM Cymru Wales response Landfill disposal tax (Wales) 2017 review

CIWM Northern Ireland response Call for evidence on a plan to eliminate plastic pollution in Northern Ireland

CIWM response Reforming the framework for better regulation

CIWM Ireland and Northern Ireland response Revision of EU legislation on hazard classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals

CIWM Northern Ireland response NI Food Strategy Framework consultation

CIWM response Technical consultation on Plastic Packaging Tax (General) Regulations 2021

CIWM Northern Ireland response on the draft Green Growth Strategy for Northern Ireland

CIWM response Amendments to the EPR 2016 regulations as applied to groundwater activities and related surface water discharge activities

CIWM Scotland response Scottish Landfill tax - further clarity and certainty: consultation