CIWM Cymru response: Natural Resources Wales consultation on Fees and Charges for 2017-18 - January 2017

CIWM joint response: A National Infrastructure Commission for Wales Consultation - January 2017

CIWM response:  Bioeconomy: call for evidence - March 2017

CIWM Cymru response: Fixed Penalty Notices for Small Scale Fly-tipping - April 2017

CIWM Cymru response: Reforming Local Government: Resilient and Renewed - April 2017

CIWM response: Building our Industrial Strategy - April 2017

RWUK response: Building our Industrial Strategy - April 2017

CIWM response: A Resource Productivity Manifesto - April 2017

CIWM response: Proposals to Enhance Regulators' Powers to Tackle Waste Crime - May 2017

CIWM response: Extending the scope to illegal disposals - May 2017

CIWM informal response: Performance Regulation for EPR - May 2017

CIWM response: Defra Hazardous Waste Strategy for England - "temperature check" - May 2017

CIWM Scotland response: Climate Change Bill - June 2017

CIWM response: Review of Fixed Penalties for Environmental Offences and Introduction of Civil Penalties for Littering from Vehicles Outside London - June 2017

CIWM Cymru response: NRW Fire Prevention and Mitigation Plan guidance - August 2017

CIWM response: London Mayor Environment Committee - Waste Management - August 2017

CIWM Scotland response: Zero Waste Scotland - Draft Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse - August 2017

CIWM Scotland response: SEPA consultation Environmental Regulation (Scotland) Charging Scheme 2018 - August 2017

CIWM Scotland response: SEPA consultation Revised Compliance Assessment Scheme - August 2017

CIWM Cymru response: Changes to Local Authority Municipal Waste Statistical Outputs - September 2017

CIWM Cymru response: Welsh Government: Taking forward Wales' Sustainable Management of Natural Resources - September 2017

CIWM response: Energy and Utility Skills National Occupational Standards Review feedback form - October 2017

CIWM response: EC Europa. Investigating options for reducing releases in the environment of microplastics - October 2017

CIWM response:  Mayor's London Environment Strategy - November 2017

CIWM Scotland response: Scottish Sentencing Council: Principles and Purposes of Sentencing - November 2017