Best Circular Economy Initiative Award

This award is looking for initiatives that embodies the circular economy and bring organisations closer to the ethos of a circular approach within the resource and waste management sector.

Scottish Government emphasises that a circular economy is where we continue to keep the value of the object, by making things last and that this is an economic, environmental and moral necessity. This helps conserve finite resources, support jobs and improve quality of life.

Circular economy is a large concept and applicants are not expected to cover the whole subject of circular economy in their application but applications should detail any relevant elements from ideally at least three of the following:

  • Show how they are shifting from finite to renewable sources
  • Highlight any design innovations
  • Indicate how they have embraced reuse
  • Show how remanufacturing is a key component in the initiative
  • Highlight changes to current business models

Entries for 2017 have now closed

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