Resource Conference Cymru

CIWM’s Resource Conference Cymru 2021 will this year take place as a series of webinar sessions designed to take an in-depth look at how Wales can drive further progress in its transition to a circular economy. 

Join expert speakers and panellists as they discuss what’s next in Wales’ resource management strategy in the context of achieving net zero. 

WEBINAR 1 | Tuesday 16 March 2021, 9.30 - 10.45am

How can a circular economy reduce consumption in Wales?
Wales currently consumes 2.5 planets worth of resources, but it wants to work towards a position where it uses only its fair share.

This webinar will explore whether a circular economy, where we value resources and avoid waste, can actually reduce what Wales consumes.
It will consider whether a circular economy will continue to enable a habit of ever-increasing consumption, resulting only in a commitment to recycling and re-use post-consumption.
Join this webinar to discuss how we view consumption and share ideas about how we can reduce it. It will include a briefing on the Welsh Government’s One Planet Goal, perspectives from experts in behavioural insights and buying habits, and a look at what’s currently happening in Wales to help make a difference.

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