Food Waste Collection Webinar

Food Waste Collection - Local Authority Webinar - 28th June 2022

Food waste is one of the largest components of the household waste stream and, when sent to landfill or incinerated, emits either methane or carbon dioxide, this is not the best use of resources, such as organic carbon and humus. We need to harness these resources and to reduce GHG emissions and from 2024 England will be implementing source segregated food waste collections.

Date: 28th June 2022
10:00am - 11:00 am

The quality of materials such as food and garden waste collected from households is crucial because they go back into compost and digestates they have to be as clean as possible, so that end users can have the confidence in using them instead of chemical fertilisers and soil growing media such as peat.

This presents an enormous challenge and an opportunity for local authorities struggling to understand how household food waste collections should be implemented and how to involve citizens to ensure high quality and quantities are collected..

This webinar will explore these themes with examples of food waste collections and interactive discussion.

Claire Cutforth, Operational Manager Strategy & Performance at Cardiff Council - Hear from Claire as she shares a case study on rolling out city wide food waste in Cardiff, the lessons learned and what the key communication methods were.

Marco Riccihas over 25 years of experience in planning consistent MSW management, designing and up¬grading of collection and transport schemes, assessing recycling facilities (focus on composting), working in multi-linguistic, multi-tasking working groups or projects  both in ´high-´ and ´low to middle income’ countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. 

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28/06/2022 10:00 - 11:00

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