Fire Safety on Waste Sites- Two Day course

Delivered over two non-consecutive days by experienced CIWM trainers, this course will provide an opportunity to identify fire prevention options and identify the information needed for a Fire Prevention Plan.


Day 1:  This will introduce the key requirements of Fire Risk Assessments including how they relate to waste facilities and support the production of good Fire Prevention Plans.

Day 2:  This will build on the requirements for a FPP identified in day 1, highlighting requirements of the Environment Agency and WISH guidance. 

The course will  support you to understand the link between how you manage your waste and resources site effectively, utilising appropriate infrastructure, housekeeping and monitoring/supervision systems, in order that the likelihood of waste fires is reduced and, that if waste fires do occur, they can be dealt with appropriately to prevent harm to human health, the environment, property damage and minimise business interruptions.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Identify key legislation and guidance relevant to fire prevention for waste facilities
  • Explain key responsibilities regarding fire prevention for a responsible/competent person and site managers
  • Explain key principles of fire risk assessment and identify how they relate to a FPP
  • Explain causes and consequences of fires within waste and recycling facilities and how these can be prevented
  • Explore options for how to comply with FPP requirements using latest guidance
  • Be aware of the need for an appropriate justification when a FPP may be contrary to guidance
  • Know what to consider when creating the plan for your site
  • Explain how you could ensure that the FPP can be implemented and monitoring effectively on site.

Using the vast experience of the trainers, the course will provide an opportunity to identify options for fire protection and information needed for a Fire Prevention Plan. Course tutors will use presentations, exercises and activities to enable delegates to discuss and understand how to best to protect against fire or the effects of fire and to ensure plans are appropriately implemented and understood onsite.

Day 1: 18 June 2019
Day 2: 25 June 2019

Delegate Fee:
•    CIWM members - £576 + VAT
•    Non-members - £720 + VAT

This course provides 12 hours of CPD (continuing professional development).

Who should attend?
Anyone responsible for fire safety or developing or implementing a FPP for a permitted waste facility. If you need to develop, update, implement or just understand fire prevention plans for waste facilities then this course will also help.

Course Certificate

To be awarded the ‘Fire Safety on Waste Sites’ Certificate attendees must complete both days of the course along with satisfactory completion of the day one assessment, the between course activity and the post course assessment.

Please note – there is a short assessment  at the end of day one – assistance completing this can only be provided on production of an appropriate
Education Statement or an Assessment report from an organisation such as the Dyslexia Association. If you wish to discuss this or request assistance
please call us (in confidence) so we can help. 01604 823342



To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact the Training Team on 01604 823341 or email
18/06/2019 - 25/06/2019
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