Disability Focus Group

Disability Focus Group

Title:          Disability Focus Group
Date:         15th September 2021
Time:         14.30hrs - 16.00hrs
Platform:   Via Zoom

The CIWM Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) working group has been established to create CIWM’s EDI strategy and to generate ideas and initiatives that CIWM could support with the aim of increasing inclusivity and diversity within CIWM and the wider sector. 

As part of gathering input from CIWM members, seven focus groups, each covering a different aspect of EDI, have been established.  

These groups will provide a structured and safe way for members to share their ideas with the working group and will allow them to input into what ‘success’ looks like in this area. 

The focus groups will also provide an opportunity for members to share what CIWM and the sector currently does well with regards to EDI and what challenges need to be addressed.

Use this booking page to book on the Disability focus group, which will be hosted by Gill Mulroe and Kristy Spindler from the working group.  

To view our other focus groups, and read more about CIWM’s work in this area, please go to ciwm.co.uk/edi.  

We encourage members to attend as many focus groups as they wish and to join the conversation on CIWM Connect, where we have launched a dedicated EDI category with seven topic threads to help focus the discussion.

If you’re not a CIWM member but wish to join the conversation about how CIWM can support EDI in the wider sector, please contact anna.havard@ciwm.co.uk.


If you experience any issues with your booking then please contact the Operations Team on 01604 620426

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15/09/2021 14:30 - 16:00
Via Zoom

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