Regional Centre Events

Regional centre events range from technical meetings and site visits to symposia and social occasions. They provide an invaluable forum for professional debate and give CIWM members the opportunity to meet and connect with a local network of industry contacts.

Date Centre Event Location Contact
May 2019      
 23rd  Scotland  NMN Site Visit  Highland Spring  
 24th London & Southern Counties Centre Council  NLWA
24th  North West  Centre Council
 June 2019      
 7th North East Centre Council
 12th-13th CIWM Resourcing the Future Conference  London  Book here
13th  Northern Ireland   Site Visit Plaswire Ltd  Book here
 21st South West Joint event with CIWM Cymru/Wales Health & Safety - this time it's personal

 Suez, Avonmouth

July 2019

 2nd  CIWM  Cleaner Communities  Wigan  Book here
 5th London & Southern Counties Centre Council  Ricardo
 9th Midland  Centre Council
18th  Scotland  Centre Council 
 19th North West Centre Council 
 25th Wales  Centre Council
 26th North East Centre Council
 September 2019      
 6th London & Southern Counties Centre Council  Res London
 10th Midland  Centre Council 
 11th-12th CIWM RWM Exhibition  Birmingham  More details here
 11th  CIWM  CIWM Gala Dinner  Birmingham  Book here
 13th North East  Centre Council
 13th North West  Centre Council 
19th  Wales  Centre Council 
 24th South West Centre Council  Telecon
 26th Scotland  Centre Council

October 2019

 1st-2nd CIWM Scottish Resources Conference  Perth  Book here
 18th London & Southern Counties   Centre Council

November 2019

 5th Midland Centre Council
 8th North East Centre Council
 8th  South West  Open meeting tbc    
 11th  CIWM  CIWM Presidential Inauguration & Dinner  Cambridge
21st  Wales  Centre Council
22nd London & Southern Counties  Centre Council
 26th South West  Centre Council
 28th Scotland  Centre Council 
 29th  South West Litter and Fly tipping - the sequel. 
Peninsular (Devon and Cornwall) NMN event
Petroc College, Tiverton

December 2019

 13th North East Xmas Lunch
 13th  L&SC  Xmas Lunch  London