Operator competence

(England and Wales)

The Environmental Permitting Regulations 2007 (amended 2010) came into force on the 6th April 2008.  These regulations allowed for 'approved' schemes to be used to demonstrate technical competence (operator competence) for permitted waste sites.

The CIWM/WAMITAB scheme was approved by Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government for England and Wales on December 22nd 2008.

This scheme replaced the previous Technical Competence requirement to obtain a CoTC. It also replaced the Environment Agency Assessments. If you were considered 'Competent' under the previous system (either by CoTC, Environment Agency assessment or Deemed Competence) please be aware you will need to maintain your 'Competence'.

CIWM are committed to helping waste professionals retain an industry recognised level of competency.  The Environmental Permitting Operators Certificate (EPOC) demonstrates an operator competence to manage a permitted waste and resources facility for low risk tier sites.  It is designed for those individuals responsible for inert waste transfer or treatment, in-house storage, WEEE storage or MRS (dry scrap – no free flowing liquid).

This course can also be used by organisations responsible for non-landfill facilities in the medium risk tier or higher risk tier applying for a new permit, who wish to make use of a 12-month grace period to obtain the appropriate award.


Next Steps...

Continuing Competence

Every two years competent persons need to show they have kept up to date by passing a Continuing Competence test.

Everyone who is already considered competent will need to maintain their competence by passing another relevant test before their current certificate expires.

For further details please see:
Continuing Competence - Do I need to take the test?

or visit the
WAMITAB website

For copies of the syllabus for each section, please see WAMITAB's Qualifications page