Scottish Waste and Resource Sector Award

The Scottish Waste and Resource Sector Award is available to all professionals working within the Scottish waste and resource sector.  An annual bursary award of up to £2,000 is being allocated towards the costs of travelling and subsistence of an initiative which will promote Scotland’s ambitions in the sustainable management of waste and innovation in the use of waste as a resource in Scotland.

Applications are invited from individuals who define an initiative which promotes or encourages innovation in waste management practices in Scotland.  The nature of innovation can be in a broad range of areas including adoption of containerisation and vehicle technologies, collection practices, treatment methods, management practices including waste prevention/reduction, regulation and monitoring, tackling litter and public engagement.  The award could be put towards for example, a defined study tour, conference attendance or introducing international speakers to a Scottish audience.

Individuals are expected to have some involvement in the waste sector – education/ consultant/ waste company/local authority/regulator for example.

As part of the award, which will be presented at an annual Scottish waste industry dinner in October each year, the winners will be expected to produce an article for inclusion in the CIWM Journal, and make a presentation at a key (and agreed) Scottish waste event over the following 9 months.

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