SWITCH on to safety and skills in the waste industry

Simple, easy to use and free, it will support the SWITCH competence framework and help assess both individual and team strengths.



Five reasons you should use the Competence Assessment tool

1.       Help improve health and safety in your organisation

2.       Quick and easy to use

3.       Identify areas for staff development

4.       Inform and assess training programmes

5.       Use it to career plan

Who is it for?

The assessment tool is designed to help managers, supervisors and team leaders who work in waste and resource management to assess teams against a range of competences and skills relevant to their job roles. Information can then easily be transferred across onto an easy-to-read dashboard to show areas for development across the team. 

Competence Assessment tool

The tool is based on the SWITCH Competence Framework and have been designed for six key roles, by members of the Switch forum. 

They apply to the following job categories:

1. Materials Recovery Facility

2. Household Waste Recycling Centre

3. Collection Crew

4. Driving

5. Manual Street Cleaning

6. Plant and Machine Operators.