Would you like to help shape the delivery of CIWM's five-year strategy, Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste, by becoming a CIWM Trustee?

The CIWM General Council, also known as the Trustee Board, is the most senior group of volunteers in CIWM. They are responsible for the strategic direction and management of CIWM. Two Trustees retire each year at the Presidential Inauguration, which usually happens in June, and new Trustees are appointed by selection committee. 

In the past, only Chartered members could become Trustees, but this has now changed and members at any grade can apply to be a Trustee. We recognise the value of having a variety of experience and backgrounds in our leadership teams, including the Trustee Board, and hope that by opening up the opportunity to apply to be a Trustee to a broader group of members, we will be able to encourage more applications.

We are now recruiting for Trustees to be appointed at the next Presidential Inauguration on 30 June 2022. Please use the links below to find out more about how to apply, what the role involves and the work of our Trustees.

The application deadline is 5pm on 28 April 2022. If you have any queries, please email ceo@ciwm.co.uk.

CIWM Trustee Application Documents

Letter from CEO

Please click this link to download the letter from CEO.

Current Trustees

You can view the current members of the Trustee Board here.

CIWM Trustee Application Form

Please click here to download the CIWM Trustee Application Form.

What the current Trustees say about being a Trustee

Click here to find out what the current Trustees have to say about being a Trustee.

Job Description

For more information on the CIWM Trustee position, please download the full job description here.

Contact us

Any questions or queries please contact ceo@ciwm.co.uk or call 01604 620426.