Strategy, Objectives & Key Performance Targets


"A world where: resources are kept working, waste is put back to work and residues are carefully disposed of".


"Continuous improvement in sustainable management of resources and wastes".


As the principle professional body for sustainable resources and wastes management, to further the "objects" of its Royal Charter, CIWM will develop and use its body of knowledge to:

  • Inform
  • Develop skills
  • Identify and spread best practice.

CIWM will also use its body of knowledge to help develop and support professionalism in all people engaged in resources and waste management in all sectors, and will use that body of knowledge to:

Influence- the business, policy and legal environment of the sector and the resource use/waste production behaviours of people at work and at home.

This Institution's forward strategy was approved by General Council in October 2006 and is set out in the CIWM Forward Strategy 2007 - 2011 document


The strategy was fully reviewed in October 2008. General Council confirmed that the strategy including the vision, mission, context and individual committee strategies and tactical objectives remained valid. They also clarified that the development and delivery of the new "Futuresource" conference and exhibition and CIWM membership development should be key strategic priorities for the Institution. They also agreed that the IT capital programme, some of the scheduled training programme' seminars and events could be reduced in priority to allow concentration on the key activities.

In line with this strategy General Council agreed the Institution's budget for the following year at its October meeting together with a set of “Key Performance Targets " (KPT's) for that year. Progress against these KPT's is reported to Executive Committee and General Council.