Scientific and Technical Committee

The role of the Scientific & Technical Committee is to develop technical policies for the Institution, promote best practice, and provide a forum for the discussion and development of wastes and secondary resources management, together with other relevant environmental issues, for both members of the Institution and for the benefit of the public at large.

It fulfils these objectives in a number of ways: by the publication of a monthly Journal, a peer reviewed quarterly journal CWRM - Communications in Waste and Resource Management, the regular production of guidance notes setting out best practice in various waste related subject areas, and the convening of conferences, seminars & workshops.

It is responsible for maintaining the Library which is available for the use of members, providing a response to technical questions from members and other enquirers, and acts as the conduit for the Institution's response to European, central and regional government consultation papers on relevant topics. The Committee also oversees the Special Interest Groups established to provide a forum on specific topics.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is chaired by an independent Chartered Accountant and reports directly to the Board of Trustees. It exists to ensure that the financial management systems within the Institution are rigorous and satisfy the legal requirements of both company law and charity law.

The Corporate Governance and Professional Ethics Committee

The Corporate Governance & Professional Ethics Committee is responsible for both monitoring & reviewing the constitution of the Institution, and for dealing with individual members' alleged contraventions of the Code of Professional Conduct. 

Qualifications and Professional Standards Committee

The role of the Qualifications and Professional Standards Committee is to oversee the design and implementation of the CIWM’s Learning and Development Strategy, and to ensure that CIWM meets its responsibilities and obligations as an Awarding Organisation and End Point Assessment Organisation overseen by the educational regulators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also updates and maintains membership standards and commissions projects that further CIWM’s position as a Professional Body or its charitable objectives.

The committee are responsible for reporting recommendations to the CIWM Board of Trustees annually in relation to the organisation’s compliance with the Conditions of Recognition.