Policy & Innovation Forum

Role of the Policy & Innovation Forum:

The Policy & Innovation Forum  will provide insight and advice to the Trustee Board and the Policy and Technical Team on the main policy issues affecting the Institution and its members. It will also be a champion for CIWM and the work that the industry and its members undertake.

It will:
• Develop a three-year Policy & Innovation Plan that sets out the key policy and technical priorities for CIWM,
• Develop budgeted proposals for supporting research and evidence,
• Support CIWM’s Five-Year Strategy  and help guide work under a number of pillars within the strategy,
• Oversee the establishment of Strategic Expert Groups (SEGs) to reflect the priorities in the plan, 
• Oversee the selection of appropriate chairs to lead these SEGs, and
• Steer/monitor the outcomes of the work undertaken by the SEGs, which will report into the Policy & Innovation Forum.

Membership of the Policy & Innovation Forum: 

The Policy & Innovation Forum will be comprised of the following:
a) A Chair, who will be a member of CIWM
b) Six appointed Forum Members.

The Chair will be independently selected, and the intention is to seek someone with proven chairing experience, an established profile, and a passion for the resources and waste agenda for this role. The Chair will be selected through an open advert and recruitment process. There will be six Policy & Innovation Forum Members in addition to the Chair and they are to be sought and appointed based on the skills and experience they would bring to the group, much like the way in which non-executive Directors are appointed to limited companies.

The following sectors/backgrounds are proposed for the Forum:
• Academia/Research
• Innovation/Technology
• NGO/Charity/Think Tank/Regulation
• Product Design/Development
• Sustainability/Circular Economy
• Recycling & Waste Management

CIWM’s Policy & External Affairs Director will also be a member of the Policy & Innovation Forum.

Secretariat support for the Forum will be provided by CIWM staff.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is chaired by an independent Chartered Accountant and reports directly to the Board of Trustees. It exists to ensure that the financial management systems within the Institution are rigorous and satisfy the legal requirements of both company law and charity law.

The Corporate Governance and Professional Ethics Committee

The Corporate Governance & Professional Ethics Committee is responsible for both monitoring & reviewing the constitution of the Institution, and for dealing with individual members' alleged contraventions of the Code of Professional Conduct. 

Qualifications and Professional Standards Committee

The role of the Qualifications and Professional Standards Committee is to oversee the design and implementation of the CIWM’s Learning and Development Strategy, and to ensure that CIWM meets its responsibilities and obligations as an Awarding Organisation and End Point Assessment Organisation overseen by the educational regulators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also updates and maintains membership standards and commissions projects that further CIWM’s position as a Professional Body or its charitable objectives.

The committee are responsible for reporting recommendations to the CIWM Board of Trustees annually in relation to the organisation’s compliance with the Conditions of Recognition.