CIWM Annual General Meeting Suporting Documents

Trustees' Reports, Financial Statements and AGM Minutes

The Notice of Meeting and Agenda for the Institution's Annual General Meetings are sent in hard copy to all voting members of the Institution in mid-May annually. The Annual General Meeting is held in early to mid June.

In the box below are links to the Trustee Reports, Financial Statements, AGM Minutes and other documents relating to each Annual General Meeting.

Trustees' Report and Consolidated Financial Statements General Council Members AGM minutes Reports for other agenda items  A letter from the President of the Institution
31st December 2016
General Council members AGM Minutes 2016
Proposed changes to constitution
AGM 2017 Notice of Meeting
AGM 2017 proxy Forms
31st December 2015  General Council Members  AGM Minutes 2015     
31st December 2014 General Council Members AGM Minutes 2014    
31st December 2013   AGM Minutes 2013 Changes to Regulations Report
Letter from David Beadle
31st December 2012   AGM Minutes 2012