Site Based Env Awareness: Waste Transfer Stations & Other
Site Based Env Awareness: Waste Transfer Stations  & Other
Site Based Env Awareness: Waste Transfer Stations and Similar Facilities

About this training
This online training course provides a review of key environmental regulations applicable to waste transfer stations and similar facilities (for example materials recovery facilities, skip hire, household waste sites and similar waste) in England and Wales and focusses on offering practical guidance to help you identify and minimise the environmental risks associated your waste facility.

Those in the waste industry have a crucial role in preventing environmental damage through their approach to waste management. This is highlighted in this course by raising awareness of the environmental impacts that can be caused by the waste industry. This course gives a detailed explanation of key environmental regulations relevant to waste transfer stations (and similar facilities), and the duties that need to be met to comply. This course also describes the practical steps that should be taken at your waste site to prevent pollution and environmental damage and meet these regulatory requirements.

To ensure that information is up-to-date and accurate, this course has been developed with input from the waste industry, consultants with regulatory experience and experienced training professionals.

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What will I learn on the course?
• Know global and local environmental impacts associated with waste transfer facilities (and similar waste sites)
• Know the environmental risks specific to activities at waste facilities
• Know the basic principles of Environmental Risk Assessment
• Know your key duties under waste legislation
• Know the requirements of an environmental permit
• Know relevant environmental regulations
• Know what to expect during an environmental audit
• Know the components of Environmental Management Systems
• Know how to manage environmental risks (e.g., noise, pests, odour, accidents, pollution of air, water and land) including the development of management plans.

Who is it for?
• Suitable for all members of staff, however the content is aimed at those in a supervisory level.
• Employees of waste transfer stations (and similar facilities) across England and Wales
• Site based staff and operatives who want to understand their duties under key environmental regulations and learn how to prevent environmental damage whilst carrying out their day-to-day activities
• Members of the management team who want to understand the regulations that apply to waste sites

What are the entry requirements for this course?
You do not require any prior knowledge of waste regulations or waste management to enrol in this course.

How will I benefit from taking the course?
This course acts as a refresher to the L1 course, containing some of the same lessons, and additional enhanced content of the regulatory requirements relevant to waste sites.

Once you have completed this training, you will be able to identify and minimize environmental risks at your waste site, have a greater understanding of how to comply with key environmental regulations, and know what to do when things go wrong. Images, interactive elements, links and quizzes are used to help you understand and remember the course content.

You can continue your professional development by enrolling on one of the following:
• Duty of Care
• Environmental Permitting Operators Certificate (EPOC)

General Information
Certificate: Yes
Duration: 120-180 minutes
Legislation used: UK
Contributes to CPD: Yes

How will I access the course?
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