Introduction to Waste Duty of Care
Introduction to Waste Duty of Care
About this training
This online training course provides a high-level introduction to the crucial regulatory requirement of ‘waste duty of care’ using images, interactive elements, links, and quizzes to help you remember the course content.

When waste is handled incorrectly, this can cause harm to the environment and human health. This course aims to enhance understanding of how to comply with duty of care when handling waste, setting out the duties for each role within the waste industry including waste producers, brokers, carriers, dealers and operators, as well as householders.

This course also gives practical guidance on how to comply with duty of care through recording your wastes movement, such as how to check the authorisation of waste sites and carriers and keeping evidence through waste transfer notes. The waste hierarchy will also be explained.

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What will I learn on the course?
• Know what makes something a waste and why is matters
• Know the core duty of care requirements (e.g., for waste carriers, operators of waste sites, householders)
• Know requirements for managing hazardous waste
• Know how to check public registers
• Know the waste hierarchy
• Know how to record your waste movement (e.g., waste transfer notes, season tickets, electronic reporting)

Who is it for?
• Suitable for all members of staff
• Those working in the waste industry across the UK
• Those who want a clear explanation of waste duty of care and the duties that need to be carried out to comply

What are the entry requirements for this course?
You do not require any prior knowledge of waste duty of care to enrol in this course.

How will I benefit from taking the course?
Once you have completed this training, you will know what makes something a waste or not, determining whether your material needs to meet duty of care. You will have a better understanding of waste duty of care and what you need to do to comply. You will be able to complete a waste transfer note and understand how to check public registers.

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• Duty of Care
• Hazardous Waste Regulation
• Hazardous Waste Classification and Coding

General Information
Certificate: Yes
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Legislation used: UK
Contributes to CPD: Yes

How will I access the course?
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