Fundamentals of Combustion Module 2
The UK waste industry now relies on its many thermal waste treatment plants, both private and public, to deal with non-recyclable and residual waste streams, including refuse derived fuels (RDF) and to generate useful heat and/or power effectively and efficiently from these feedstocks. Similarly, biomass, medical wastes and municipal sludges are also processed through thermal treatment plants. The technology types and particular designs are many and varied but in the main consist of combustion, gasification, pyrolysis or a combination of these. Regardless of the technology there is a need to have a thorough understanding of the theory of combustion in order to operate these plants efficiently and sustainably. Fundamentals of Combustion is a 2-part course that provides the learner with the necessary underpinning knowledge for operating these technologies more confidently and optimising thermal efficiency. The learning is also helpful to maintaining environmental compliance throughout operational periods and to improving reliability and availability.

Module 2 builds on the learning from Module 1 and provides the learner with the underpinning knowledge and scientific understanding to be able to achieve improved overall plant performance in terms of efficiency and environmental compliance. Throughout this interactive module the learner is invited to explore a number of operational scenarios to help cement the theory in a very pragmatic and applied way.

Certificate: Yes
Duration: 75 minutes
Legislation: UK
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