Environmental Permitting and Exemptions (eLearning)
Environmental Permitting and Exemptions (eLearning)
About this training
This eLearning course provides underpinning knowledge of how to apply to the four UK regulators for a Permit or Waste Management License.

The course aims to improve the delegates’ understanding of how to produce a good permit / license application, when and how to source external technical support, and provide an overview of what your legal obligations are, when operating under a permit/license.

To ensure that information is up-to-date and accurate, this course has been developed with input from the waste industry, consultants with regulatory experience and experienced training professionals.

Please note: The course content will be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect current legislation and guidance, therefore content is based on source documentation at the time of drafting.

a) All candidates taking this e-learning course, MUST have an individual email address.
b) If purchasing multiple licences, then please send a note of the candidates’ names and email addresses to training@ciwm.co.uk.

What will I learn on the course?
• Understand how environmental permitting and waste management licensing has evolved and how associated legislation applies to waste sites.
• Know when different exemptions, licenses, permits and exclusions apply.
• Understand the process for applying for a permit or license, including timescales.
• Signpost to useful regulatory guidance and templates applicable to the waste industry.
• Understand how to complete the application forms and supporting documentation including how to complete an Environmental Risk Assessment and how to present an assessment of the proposed activities and techniques against applicable guidance and legislative standards*.
• Identify when and how to transfer, change (vary) and surrender your permit.
• Know when and how to secure external technical support.
• Signpost to follow-on CIWM courses and regulatory guidance to ensure on-going compliance with your permit, once issued by the regulator.

• Regulatory Framework
- Background to Environmental Permitting and Waste Licensing
- Permits and Waste Management Licenses
- Waste Exemptions Explained
- Regulatory Position Statements
- Other Waste Management Regulatory Requirements
- Other Environmental Regulations
• Writing a Permit Application
- Applying for a Permit or Licence
- Defining the Scope of your Application
- Documentation
- Site Condition Reports, Site Investigations and Baseline Assessments
- Operating Techniques
- Environmental Risk Assessment
- Management Techniques and Management Plans
- Technical Competence
- Submitting your Application
- Autorisation Walk-through
• Changing a Permit
- Transfer of Permit
- Variations
- Surrenders

Who is the course for?
• Suitable for all members of staff at waste sites who need to know how to apply for or change a permit or license. The content is aimed at those in managerial or environmental technical support roles who are required to complete permit or license applications. The content is suitable for members of staff who may be new to an environmental or permitting role.
• This course would also be useful to project managers or those who use external consultants to prepare permit applications to better understand the process of securing a permit or license.
• Members of the management team who want to understand the process and timescales for securing an environmental permit would also find this course beneficial.

*The option to carry out the eLearning course only is most suitable for delegates who require a background in permitting, or to refresh their knowledge.

If you are new to an environmental or permitting role, and you need to write permit/licence applications, we strongly recommend that you also complete the virtual tutorial. The tutorial option is designed to allow delegates to discuss aspects of permitting which are site-specific and relevant to their role. It also presents a good opportunity to meet others within your field. See CIWM website training information for details.

The course content is aimed at lower-risk waste facilities, such as waste transfer stations and recyclers but is generally relevant to all waste facilities. Complex operations, such as incinerators, are better covered in a bespoke course, which can be discussed with CIWM.

What are the entry requirements for this course?
You do not require any prior knowledge of waste regulations or waste management to enrol in this course.

How will I benefit from taking the course?
*Once you have completed this training, you will understand the process for applying for a Permit or License in the UK. You will know where to access guidance to help you prepare the application documentation required to apply for a permit, and when to seek external technical support. Images, interactive elements, links and quizzes are used to help you understand and remember the course content.

You can continue your professional development by enrolling on one or more of the of the following: E-learning (ciwm.co.uk)

General Information
Certificate: Yes
Duration: 4 hours
Legislation used: UK
Contributes to CPD: Yes

How will I access the course?
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