Introduction to Climate Change
Introduction to Climate Change
About this training
The effects of climate change because of human activities are becoming more evident. We must manage and adapt to the risks associated with climate change, while taking steps to tackle the climate crisis.
This short course will combine video and interactive e-learning will help you to develop a greater understanding of climate change and what it means for individuals, organisations and the resource and waste management sector.

a) All candidates taking this e-learning course, MUST have an individual email address.
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What will I learn on the course?
• What is climate change.
• Why do we need to take action.
• What are the impacts of climate change.
• What are the concerns about climate change in the UK.
• What is the relationship between climate change and the resource and waste management sector.
• What is the difference between climate change mitigation and adaptation.
• What can we do to help tackle the climate crisis.
• How can we deal with climate change anxiety.

Who is it for?
• All staff at all levels
• CIWM members
• Climate Change Officers/Managers

What are the entry requirements for this course?
You do not require any prior knowledge of waste and resource management to enrol in this course.

How will I benefit from taking the course?
Once you have completed this training, you will understand climate and what it means for individuals, organisations and the resource and waste management sector.
You can continue your professional development by enrolling on one of the following:
• Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
• Introduction to Net Zero
• Introduction to Sustainability
• Introduction to Circular Economy

General Information
Certificate: Yes
Duration: 15 to 30 minutes
Legislation used: UK
Contributes to CPD: Yes
Discounted member price: 0.00
You could save: 100.0%