Reports and research

CIWM is at the forefront of independent, publicly available research within the resources and waste management sector. We produce reports, commission research and provide evidence for government consultations.

Annually we present a leading piece of research for the incoming President of the Institution.

Recent Reports:

Packaging Waste Recovery – A European comparison, July 2016

Examines the UK’s market-based approach to packaging waste recovery in the context of three other European Member States – Republic of Ireland, Germany and Denmark – and how it well performs in the context of the wider circular economy agenda.

AEA Waste on the Front Line Challenges and Innovations Feb 2015

Waste on the Front Line - Challenges and Innovations Feb 2015 
Looking at how austerity is impacting local authority waste, recycling and street cleansing services and consequently local communities, public health and providers of goods and services.

Waste on the Front Line - Appendices Feb 2015

Local Authorities Opportunities Checklist

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