Environmental Policy

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management is a professional membership association that seeks to promote the science and understanding of wastes and resource management and supports those working in the sector and other environmental practitioners working both in the UK and throughout the World.

The Institution acknowledges its responsibility to protect, conserve and improve the environment and it aims to do this both through its business practices and by influencing both its members and others.

The Institution will seek to minimise its effect on the environment by ensuring that it complies with all relevant legal and other requirements. It shall achieve this by adopting polices and practices throughout its operations that support its environmental responsibilities and commitments. It shall set professional standards and qualifications for those working in the sector that emphasise these responsibilities and by providing support and information services to the sector and beyond.

To fulfil these commitments the Institution will:-

  1. develop, operate and manage its activities, products and services with consideration for the environment;
  2. minimise resource consumption, both renewable and non-renewable, particularly energy, water and paper;
  3. minimise the production of waste materials wherever practicable and maximise re-use and recycling of wastes created by its activities;
  4. develop and maintain a comprehensive waste management strategy to ensure disposal of all its wastes through safe and responsible methods;
  5. urchase, where practicable, products and services from suppliers who have demonstrated a commitment to good environmental practice and which minimise the use of materials that could cause damage to the environment or people;
  6. set objectives and targets for environmental performance improvement and review these on a regular basis;
  7. maintain the appearance of the Institutions building(s) and site(s), inside and out, to reduce unnecessary impact on the environment;
  8. support the development of employees and others where appropriate and ensure that they receive information and training appropriate to their role in implementing the Institution's Environmental Policy;

This policy applies to all employees, visitors, contractors and/or suppliers to all Institution and associated activities and functions.


Steve Lee
CIWM Chief Executive Officer