Would you like to help shape the policy direction of CIWM and the sector we work in, helping us to move to a world beyond waste?

CIWM has revamped its policy structures and is now looking for forward thinking members to help formulate our Strategic Expert Groups.

CIWM's Policy and Innovation Forum is the main policy advisory group developing a three-year plan and advising the Trustee Board on policy and innovation for the resources and waste sector. The three-year plan will set out the key policy and innovation priorities for CIWM and the underpinning knowledge requirements related to these priorities, with proposals for forward thinking research and evidence.

The next stage of these changes is recruitment to CIWM's strategic expert groups (SEGs), who will help deliver CIWM's Policy and Innovation Plan.

The call for interest for the Resource Efficient Design SEG is now open. 

Resource Efficient Design Strategic Expert Group

The Resource Efficient Design (RED) SEG exists to provide specialist expertise to CIWM, the resources and waste sector, and the wider value-chain including the design community, on matters relating to determining, applying, and promoting design principles which will result in products being placed on the market being efficient in terms of resource use but which also facilitate desirable end-of-life options such as re-use, repair, and recycling.

Please complete the Expression of Interest form and email to Richard Hudson by 09:00 on Monday 19 February.

You can use the links below to find out more about how to apply, what the role involves and the draft terms of reference for the group.
If you have any queries, please email Richard Hudson, Technical Manager.