Landfill: Understanding the Conceptual Site Model

This virtual course provides detailed step-by-step guidance on developing a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) as well as equipping learners with comprehensive guidance on how to maintain a systematic and sustainable approach to environmental management of landfills.

A Conceptual Site Model Is an absolute must for proper site assessment and maintenance of environmental control.  It serves as a starting point for detailed site investigation, environmental risk assessment and management of certain site aspects such as landfill gas, leachate, etc.  A CSM presents, in a systematic and clear way, the current, historical and future situations based on available data, both in written and illustrative form.  It is therefore classified as an iterative and continuous process rather than a finished product.

A CSM is based on a well-proven principle used to identify sources, receptors and pathways associated with the area of concern and a landfill .

This course helps leaners to identify and visualise the complex relationship between a source of contamination (e.g. landfill) and the surrounding environment (atmosphere, water, soil, living organisms), as well as providing the understanding required to be able to simplify these relationships to enable focusing on the most important points from environmental and safety aspects.

What's in it for me?

  • Equip yourself with essential skills across ten fundamental areas, including:
    • Duty of Care
    • Waste Auditing
    • Waste Legislation Essentials
    • Hazardous Waste Regulations
    • Contract Management
    • Health and Safety
    • Sustainability in Waste Management
    • Circular Economy in Waste Management
    • Waste Management Plans
    • Environmental Permitting (optional)
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Who should participate?
This virtual training programme has been developed specifically for NHS Waste Managers or those in an equivalent role. If you are responsible for waste management in a healthcare setting, this course is perfect for you.

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