The CIWM Framework of Professional Standards

The CIWM Framework of Professional Standards will support professional competency across the wider waste and resource management sector. CIWM is engaging with a variety of organisations across the sector to map the competencies required to be a waste professional at any point in an individual’s career.

Using the Framework individuals and organisations will be able to identify competency gaps to support professional development and career planning. The Framework will link to an evolving range of development tools to assist in addressing any competency gaps including regional classroom, online and blended learning activities. The Framework will also enable members and aspiring members to better prepare for progression through the CIWM membership grades.

Organisations will be able to map their workforce to the Framework, including linking the Framework to their own competency map, to assist in succession planning and staff development.

What is it

  • A map of the competencies required for waste professionals at various stages in their career including links to the competency frameworks developed by other professional bodies. 
  • A Framework based upon the established competencies required for Chartered Waste Managers, expanded to cover more junior and more senior roles – from team member to director.
  • Initial stage will develop the core competencies required in all sub-sectors of the industry, mapped to existing competency frameworks. Technical specialisms will then be added over time.

Why we’re doing it

  • To lead the development of a professional standard across the waste and resource sector.
  • Support organisations to identify skills gaps and development needs.
  • Provide routes for individuals to develop their career and prepare for achievement of Chartered membership.
  • Create a common level of capability to enable individuals and organisations to evidence their professional competence.

How does it link to other existing competency frameworks

As part of the development process CIWM are gathering details regarding other frameworks, and talking to the organisations who developed them, to enable the Framework of Professional Standards to signpost existing competency frameworks and for individuals and organisations to understand how they link.

How can it be used

  • Personal Development Plans,
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Recruitment

How will it be accessed

It is anticipated that everyone will be able to access the framework via the CIWM website and that tools will be developed to allow individuals and teams to assess their skills gaps against the framework and to plan their learning activities. Some development activities will be freely available to members via the ‘knowledge hub’ and others will be chargeable.

When will it be available

It will be launched in April 2019.

How can I get involved

Contact to outline your interest and we will contact you to discuss how you can get involved.