The CIWM Framework of Professional Standards

The CIWM Framework of Professional Standards provides a map of the competences required to be a resource and waste professional at four core career stages.

Based on the established competences which are used to assess Chartered Waste Managers, the framework outlines the core sector knowledge and the essential business skills that individuals need:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the wastes and resources management industry
  • Ability to analyse and evaluate problems and develop practical solutions
  • Effective leadership and management skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Professional Standards and Ethics
  • Demonstrates and encourages good practice and sustainability
  • Demonstrates and promotes safe working practices.

The Framework outlines how these competences apply to individuals at four broad career levels; team member, manager, senior manager and executive director. You can access the framework, and see how it applies to your role here.

Using the framework

In Autumn 2019 we will release a simple self-assessment tool, to allow you to assess your skills and approach against the framework, and an updated professional development planning tool to allow you to plan learning and development activities linked to the framework. Over time new tools will be released to allow you to look in more detail at specific areas of the framework. We will also add new learning and development activities to our portfolio and to the Knowledge Centre.

You can use the Framework immediately to explore how your current skills align to the Framework. If you’d like support call us on 01604 620426 or email

If you’re looking at how the Framework can support your team we’re keen to talk to you about how you can use it to expand your own existing competency frameworks or to provide a starting point to create learning and development plans for your team. Please email for more information or for an initial discussion.


~ What is it ~

  • A map of the competences required for waste professionals at various stages in their career including links to the competence frameworks developed by other professional bodies.
  • A Framework based upon the established competences required for Chartered Waste Managers, expanded to cover more junior and more senior roles – from team member to director.
  • Initial stage will develop the core competences required in all sub-sectors of the industry, mapped to existing competency frameworks. Technical specialisms will then be added over time.
  • CIWM’s learning and development portfolio will be expanded to reflect the competences required under the framework.
  • Tools to allow individuals and organisations to assess and plan their learning needs against the framework will be added over time.

~ Why we’re doing it ~

  • To lead the development of a professional standard across the waste and resource sector.
  • Support organisations to identify skills gaps and development needs.
  • Provide routes for individuals to develop their career and prepare for achievement of Chartered membership.
  • Create a common level of capability to enable individuals and organisations to evidence their professional competence.

~ How does it link to other existing competency frameworks ~

As part of the development process CIWM are gathering details regarding other frameworks, and talking to the organisations who developed them, to enable the Framework of Professional Standards to signpost existing competency frameworks and for individuals and organisations to understand how they link. Get in touch to talk about how the Framework can be linked to your current organisation's competence or development framework.

~ How can it be used ~

  • Personal Development Plans,
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Staff development planning

~ How has it been created ~

As the professional body in the sector CIWM have established the competences required to be a Chartered Waste Manager and support individuals to work towards these through a programme of structured learning and development.

These competences have now been extended to create the first version of the CIWM Framework of Professional Standards. CIWM has established a steering group who have reviewed the framework and inputted into the competences it covers. This steering group includes individuals working across the sector including:

  • Local government
  • Regulators
  • Private resource and waste management companies
  • Consultancies
  • Facilities Management
  • Representation from across the UK and Ireland

This group will be involved in both the update of the framework and also in the future development of the framework including how to cover technical specialisms. For more details on the steering group please contact

~ How can I get involved ~

Contact to outline your interest and we will contact you to discuss how you can get involved.