“Now is the time to engage in discussions” - Adam Read on Resourcing the Future 2019

09 May 2019

With just over a month to go until Resourcing the Future Conference 2019 we caught up with one of our speakers - Adam Read, External Affairs Director at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK to find out what he’s hoping to get out of this year’s event and a sneak preview on the topics he’ll be covering.

What session are you speaking in and what key points will you cover?

“I’m speaking on day one in the EPR packaging and beyond session where the focus will be firmly on what we can expect to see in the next round of EPR once packaging has been sorted in the next year or two. We know DEFRA are keen that the new EPR system will be flexible, enabling new materials to be added when the time is right, and we know they have been consulting on which materials should be next. I will focus on textiles, which are quickly becoming 2019’s answer to 2018’s focus on plastic, with high-profile campaigns to reduce textile waste and a global upturn in attention on fast fashion.  I will draw on the work of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, of which SUEZ are a member, and reflect on some work we (SUEZ) commissioned Oakdene Hollins to undertake looking more closely at the potential opportunities for textiles to be included in a new EPR system and to take a cosier look at workwear and corporate uniforms as a potential low hanging fruit to get the momentum for change built.”

Why is this event such a vital one for the sector?

“There is so much happening right now, that staying abreast of the issues, hearing differing opinions, and having the time and space to test your ideas is critical, and that is why I always enjoy being part of Resourcing the Future. But this year will be particularly timely, given the closure of the consultations just a few weeks before, and the desire by stakeholders from across the sector and neighbouring sectors to share their perspectives and to look forward to what is likely to happen. There should be a lot of optimism in the room this year, and harnessing that and ensuring that Government can see and feel this commitment for progress is key for influencing the policy agenda in the medium term.”

What insights will delegates leave with?

“I have never been disappointed in previous years, and with the line-up of speakers this time round I can’t see any reason why delegates from all parts of the value chain won’t have plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. With the policy landscape in England on the cusp of a monumental transformation, now is the time to engage in the discussions, grab a coffee with someone new, hear about the key debates, and take back new ideas or perspectives to your day job, peers and colleagues. If nothing else delegates should have a clearer view on the Government’s immediate priorities and the level of consensus in support of these from across the sector.”

Join Adam and over 20 expert speakers from across the resource and waste sector on the 12th and 13th June in London, and be part of the unique opportunity to have your say in the biggest changes affecting the sector.  To book your ticket and view this year’s programme visit www.ciwm.co.uk/rtf19

Dr Adam Read has been External Affairs Director at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK for the last 18 months. He also sits on a number of technical working groups both in the UK and internationally through FEAD and ISWA and has more than 25 years’ experience in the waste sector as an academic, researcher, local authority officer and consultant. He is a fully qualified and chartered waste manager with a wide portfolio of experience. Adam is well known in the UK for his influential thinking and pioneering work on public attitudes to waste, recycling system development and the delivery of waste management promotional campaigns, and has worked all over the world on service procurement, service reviews and stakeholder consultation. He is a communications expert, conference speaker, workshop facilitator and regular trade journal author, who likes to blog and tweet about the latest developments in waste and resource management.

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