The Roger Hewitt Learning and Development Award Sponsored by WAMITAB

This award recognises the contribution an individual or team has made to learning and development within the waste management sector. This could be anyone who contributes to the learning and development within a single organisation or who facilitates learning and development/delivers training to many different audiences. The individual/team may be part of a special L&D team or may get involved in coaching and mentoring of others as part of a wider role. The individual/ team may be involved in development of L&D activities or the actual delivery of them or both.

Application forms will require information on the following:

  • A statement about your involvement in L&D and your organisation (200 words)
  • A statement about the organisation(s) the L&D activity is delivered to, if appropriate (200 words)
  • A statement about the L&D achievements you have been particularly proud of; these could be a one off project or a number of different activities/ achievements over a period of time. Projects should not have been completed more than 12 months previous.

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