Managing Distress & Courageous Conversations

Managing Distress & Courageous Conversations

Managing Distress and Courageous Conversations in the workplace

Many things can cause distress and we all respond differently.  Being distressed or ‘stressed’ does not necessarily imply that they have a mental health problem.  

What is the purpose of this training?
This training does not consider diagnosis of mental health problems but looks at the importance of early recognition and appropriate responses to emotional and mental distress that may if left alone could manifest into continuing problems or mental health problems.

Who is it for?
This course is for anyone who would like to be more aware and confident about approaching someone in the workplace who is distressed. For line managers/ supervisors who want to help without the fear of intruding or making things works. Managing distress appropriately and having supportive conversations can help the individual feel less isolated and vulnerable.

How is the course delivered?
The course is delivered remotely using Zoom (or similar platform). It consists of two live tutor led sessions, delivered on consecutive days.  Each session will last 3 hrs (with breaks) with a questionnaire to complete between sessions. 

Aim of the course
The course aims to develop skills that will support the recognition and management of distress in the workplace. 

The course will look at the 5Rs:
Recognise – spot the signs of (di)stress, including signs and symptons of mental health problems
Respond – appropriate responses and improved listening skills
Refer – self help as well as organisational assistance
Record – internal mechanisms/data protection issues and confidentiality 
Review – Check in and future support

By the end of the training you will:
Recognise the ways in which distress can manifest in the workplace
Have reflected on your personal working style
Have strategies and improved confidence in responding to distress and facilitating reflective
Have strategies to support staff resilience
Have strategies to respond to distress appropriately
Have improved confidence in managing staff experiencing distress

Who is the course delivered by?
The course is delivered by a mental health professional with experience working within the waste and resources sector. 

Online Booking Fees
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15/02/2021 - 16/02/2021
via ZOOM

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