A Deep Dive into Behaviour Change for Local Authorities

A Deep Dive into Behaviour Change for Local Authorities

A Simple Message for Big Change; A Deep Dive into Behaviour Change for Local Authorities

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         Tuesday 10th October 2023
Time:         14:00-14:45 hrs
Platform:   Zoom
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                   Non-members: £20 + VAT

The last webinar in our local authority series will focus on the critical area of behaviour change. Raising awareness of changes to collections and recycling systems amongst residents is a huge challenge for councils.

As the sector awaits updates on upcoming policies, local authorities are on the front line of trying to implement changes to collection and recycling systems. Taking residents on the journey to increased recycling will require comprehensive behaviour change campaigns.

During this webinar, experts from the behaviour change space and local authorities including Naomi Johnson, Livvy Drake and Claire Cutforth will explore the topic of behaviour change and explain best practices for local authorities.

In this session, you will learn: 

  • The key aspects of encouraging a change in behaviour and the importance of keeping messaging simple.
  • Factors that need to be considered when looking to implement a change of service/ product in the public sector. 
  • The challenges of trying to change or offer new services within a local authority context eg. a change in recycling collections. 
  • Actionable insights in preparing people through targeted messaging and communication campaigns.


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10/10/2023 14:00 - 14:45

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