CIWM Strategy 2018 - 2023

Our vision

Making the best and safest use of resources to protect and enrich life on our planet.

Our mission

To influence, inform and inspire the sustainable management of resources and waste.

Our strategy

The resource and waste management sector has been through various cycles of change since our foundation in 1898 and is now in as great a state of flux as ever before. As humanity has grown and developed, the stresses we place on our environment and human health from the extraction, use and disposal of resources have grown too. As competition for those resources intensifies, the economic and social consequences of poor resource management become ever more serious. The safe and professional management of resources throughout their life cycle is therefore an increasingly urgent priority. At the same time, the sector has changed from a ‘hump and dump’ waste management approach to a much more nuanced, resource-based strategy, which nonetheless must deal with the unwanted detritus of our lifestyles. The roles of the public and private sectors have changed; technologies have developed and social attitudes have shifted. Still, it is people who decide how we manage resources and the CIWM Group exists to help them decide correctly.

 In January 2018, the CIWM Group set out its refreshed Strategy. This is available as a PDF Document, or as an interactive display.

 This Strategy places members at the heart of our work. To support that, from our discussions with members, we know they want to see CIWM be influential in the sector, building on the knowledge resident in its members and staff. All that needs to be underpinned by a sustainable stream of funding, sound management and excellent customer service.

Inclusion, Diversity and Equality

As a professional body, CIWM promotes high standards of conduct of its members.  This entails exploring, establishing and disseminating good practice and promoting awareness of relevant legal requirements and obligations.  Inclusivity and diversity is an important area for us and the wider sector, not least because it is fundamental to professional development and learning and integral to the wellbeing of our society.  We seek to lead the sector by promoting awareness and providing appropriate guidance and accordingly the CIWM Group has adopted our inclusion, diversity and equality statement.

Our Values

To help guide how we work, we have adopted four core values. These are: