Fundamentals of Flue Gas Treatment
About this training
Thermal waste treatment processes produce flue gas contaminated by particulates, heavy metals and acidic gases which requires treatment. This specialist e-learning course provides you with the opportunity to learn more about flue gas treatment techniques and technologies. The course focuses on five key areas:

• The need for flue gas treatment
• Abatement theory
• De-nox techniques
• Alternative technologies
• Dry filtration and baghouse technology

There is a short assessment to complete prior to being awarded the certificate.

a) All candidates taking this e-learning course, MUST have an individual email address.
b) If purchasing multiple licences, then please send a note of the candidates’ names and email addresses to

What will I learn on the course?
• Know at least three pollutants which require abatement technology to ensure compliance
• Know the three principal capture techniques used within FGT systems and describe the differences
• Know the importance of pre-filtration/ separation technologies and how they work
• Know at least four alternative abatement technologies currently adopted
• Know five key element of a dry fabric filter system

Who is it for?
• Operators
• Supervisors
• Engineers
• Consultants
• Regulators
• Technically competent managers

What are the entry requirements for this course?
Ideally you will require prior knowledge of thermal waste and resource management to enrol in this course. To gain this knowledge, you can complete:
• Fundamentals of Combustion Module 1
• Fundamentals of Combustion Module 2

How will I benefit from taking the course?

You can continue your professional development by enrolling on one of the following:
• Flue gas conditioning and waste heat recovery boilers (module 4)
• CIWM (WAMITAB) Certificate in Waste and Resource Management
• CIWM (WAMITAB) Level 4 High Risk Operator Competence for Managing Thermal Treatment of Hazardous Waste
• CIWM (WAMITAB) Level 4 Operator Competence for Managing Thermal Treatment Facilities

General Information
Certificate: Yes
Duration: 60 minutes
Legislation used: UK
Contributes to CPD: Yes

How will I access the course?
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