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16.01.2017 Gov’s “Bland Assertions” On Recycling Commitment Not Enough
CIWM chief executive, Dr Colin Church, offers his thoughts on England’s falling recycling rate, saying Government’s bland assertions that it remains committed to reaching the 50% target by 2020 are no longer enough...
09.12.2016  Brexit, waste and resource management…

Dr Colin Church delivers his second blog piece, this time taking on the subject of Brexit. What will it look like? What will Brexit + the circular economy mean for the UK? And where will it all end up? 

29.11.2016 Why waste crime is a major issue for society at large

CIWM’s chief executive, Dr Colin Church, says waste crime is an issue for society at large. Here, he asks if we’re just slapping sticking plasters on gaping wounds, or playing a bizarre game of high-stakes Whack-A-Mole!